A bit about me

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I had a 15-year career in Software Engineering across various roles ranging from individual contributor to Engineering Manager and Director of Engineering. I now enjoy coaching leaders seeking to bring more of who they are and what deeply matters to them into their personal, professional and business lives. 

I bring playfulness, compassion, and curiosity to every conversation; these are foundational for creating trust, safety and space for growth.

Given my previous career, I work with many Software Engineer leaders and individuals from various other professions across all roles and levels. What matters to me is engaging with anyone willing to be curious, bring self-inquiry, and be open to challenging themselves to go beyond and discover what emerges next. 

I leverage the Integral Coaching® methodology to create rich and deeply meaningful coaching experiences that meet every client where they are. I engage with them on a journey of self-reflection, inquiry and skills development, helping them develop new ways of being in the world that enable them to create the change they seek to make. 

If you’re curious and excited about what might be beyond for you and feeling pulled toward something you haven’t quite figured out how to describe yet, now might be the time to reach out. I'd love to hear from you.

My Mission

To work with organizations and leaders to transcend toward more regenerative business practices and ways of working while remaining profitable and inspiring a new generation of leaders that embody strength, ever-increasing perspective-taking, vulnerability, empathy and care.
An Evolutionary Journey
Journey beyond the unknown, experience what emerges next and create the change you seek to make.